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Dust 2 Nades

Long Corner


Xbox Jumpthrow smoke from T Spawn Long

2 Xbox Smokes

xbox t spawn mid

XBox Smoke

xbox mid steel

One Way Long Smoke

long one way

CT From Long

ct spawn long

A Short smoke from Long

long a short a

Cat One-Way Smoke

one way cat

Long Smoke from CT

CT Long Doors

Xbox from Top Mid

xbox cat short a

Car to Window

Car Window B Site

B Platform Stairs from Long

b long

Outside Long to Long Corner

corner long corner t spawn car

Long Flash

video long car a site

B-Site car molotov

By falc0n
b site car

Long Car Molotov

By falc0n
car long a

Short Stair Molotov

By falc0n
cat catwalk short stairs

CT spawn smoke from Short

By falc0n
ct ct spawn stairs catwalk cross

A Short smoke

By falc0n
cat catwalk stairs

A Long Smoke

By falc0n
corner long a

Back of A smoke

By falc0n
goose platform cat

CT smoke from Short

ct ct spawn stairs catwalk

Crossover smoke from Long Doors

cross long a elevator

Xbox smoke from T spawn

xbox cat

Door smoke from Upper Tunnels

tunnel entry rush b

CT Spawn smoke from Mid

ct ct spawn mid to b xbox

CT Smoke from Catwalk

ct ct spawn mid to b cat